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Expertise in finance, passion in software

We provide software, consulting, reporting and analytics services to businesses in the financial sector in the Nordic Region. Our domain of expertise includes banking, life insurance, pension insurance and wealth management. Since these services are critical to society, every line of code that we write matters. 

Trust and integrity are Profit Software's core values. By inspiring loyalty in both customers and employees, we continue to be successful as a business partner and as an employer.

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Experiences from our young professionals

"Combining work with my studies is very flexible. I actually feel that this fact has enabled my studies to proceed well. I work with testing; in reality I do automated testing of our products with a Robot Framework. The best thing is the personal development that comes together with new learning experiences and challenges I’ve been able to solve. There’s nothing more rewarding than the feeling after a problematic issue is solved! The work environment is great – everyone is supportive and helpful."

Sesilia Merimaa, Trainee
3rd year student at Samk, IT Automation

"I've enjoyed working with developing user interfaces and features with .NET and also had my hands on mobile development. My major is in physics, and I study also math, machine learning and computer science. At Profit Software, people are listened to and you can influence what kind of projects you want to be working with, and which office you want to work at – provided there are matching projects on going, of course. Combining work with a lively student life is effortless, thanks to flexible work hours. People in the community are like-minded, so they are always helpful and very easy to work with. "

Timo Hartikainen, Junior Software Developer
3rd year student at Tampere University, Physics

"My studies and working at Profit Software work well together. Depending on the lectures and projects, I plan my hours and even have a chance to work remotely. I work with demo user interfaces, and to be more specific: I modify code from Java Vaadin to React and do layout enhancements at the same time. I enjoy working here. Besides, I have the best manager and I also enjoy the casual atmosphere."

Janne Nuolioja, Trainee
3rd year student at Metropolia, Media technology

Working with us

Start your career with an IT company you can trust to be supportive and flexible. With Profit Software, you get to learn with us and grow into a true IT professional.

Get more out of your studies
There are many things you'll come across during your work career that they simply don't teach you at school. Combining work and studies gives you hands-on perspective how things are actually put to use. Constant learning is a mindset all professionals of today share.
Workplace culture supporting your professional growth
We want you to learn and succeed. Profit Software provides flexibility when you need it, for example with your studies or family. Many of our employees who are still students work 1–3 days per week; during summers many work full time. It's also possible to do your thesis at Profit Software.
Impact on Society
At Profit Software your work truly counts. We develop software and systems that are critical to society and its key functions. Our skilled teams have helped our customers regarding the growing demands as well as opportunities of digitalization.

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